The Cubes are coming.

Step into the stylized geometric world of Cubes vs. Spheres, a 3D physics action game where you defend against waves of advancing Cubes by flicking powerful Spheres at them. Use 6 unique Spheres to explode, freeze, squash and confuse the Cubes. Can you survive the Cube apocalypse?

Cubes vs. Spheres features crisp anti-aliased 3D graphics with a minimalist style to allow for unprecedented numbers of enemies, massive explosions and fast-paced gameplay, utilizing physics and particle effects for the utmost in destructive satisfaction!

  • 6 unique upgrades, each with their own strategic advantages
  • Awesome chain reactions for big points and big explosions
  • Simple swipe and tilt controls
  • "The cubes are alive!" - Innovative enemy movement makes each play-through different
  • Game Center support with Leaderboards, integrated ranking display and 37 Achievements
  • Beautiful stylized, anti-aliased 3D graphics
  • A true physics'game, where every explosion has an equal and opposite explosion

Cubes vs. Spheres — It's EXACTLY how it sounds.